Directed Photonics Inc.


 The DPI repair center Re-gasses, Reprocesses and Repairs lasers  manufactured by Domino,  Coherent, Synrad and Universal.

 Directed Photonics will service every aspect of your Domino laser  marking equipment; DDC2,  DDC3, S100, S200, S300.

 DPI repairs laser marking heads and laser marking control units.

 Evaluation Fee is $150.00
 Standard reprocessing is $950.00 per reservoir. Take out most models

DDC2, DDC3, S200 and S300
Laser Tube Reprocessing

Your DDC2, DDC3, S200 and S300 laser tube brought back to life and warranted for 12 months to perform at original equipment specifications.

Half the cost of swapping your laser tube for an unknown returned SEL tube.

DPI Specializes in all brands of laser tube reprocessing.

Full "Condition Report" with each tube so you know what to expect from your laser tube.

We manufacture and sell the better "new laser tube" that is direct plug and play for your system should yours need to be replaced.

Evaluation only: If upon initial inspection your laser is determined to be unrepairable, DPI will only charge a $150 evaluation fee.  You will always be quoted a fixed repair fee prior to any work proceeding. If you choose not to proceed, you will only be charged the evaluation fee.


Failed repair: unfortunately not every CO2 laser can be brought back to original  power levels. Should DPI attempt to repair your laser without achieving returning your laser to the specified power level, you will only be charged $250 for the attempted repair.


Standard re-gassing/reprocessing of a CO2 laser is $950 per reservoir. Laser units may require additional repairs.  Repair of power supplies, optics and other necessary electronic repairs will be quoted for customer approval prior to DPI proceeding.


Unlike other laser repair facilities, our turnaround time is typically only 2 weeks form receipt of your laser.

For Technical Support and Laser Service Questions

Please Contact:

Dale Weber

Office: 1-800-580-4073

Cell: 1-949-278-1129